Here Are The Best ‘GameDay’ Signs From This Weekend [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)

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Every week the crew from College GameDay heads down to whichever school they choose and explain why they think either team will win. It is one of the best traditions in college football.

The fans of the teams line up to get a spot at the crack of dawn because nothing can beat the experience of being at the real thing.

When watching College GameDay on TV, one of the best parts is seeing the signs the fans make and how creative they are in the process of coming up with something. Reading the signs might be the most entertaining part of GameDay.

You can’t beat the experience College GameDay brings when they come to your school and if you grew up watching them every Saturday, then I don’t know how you could choose to go to a school without a huge football program.

This weekend, the crew visited Ohio State for the Buckeyes vs. Sooners game, and here are some of the best signs from Saturday.