Hillary Praises CNN In New Book

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton loves CNN’s snarky chyrons.

Clinton held up CNN as an example for other networks in her new book, “What Happened.” Clinton wrote that “while there has been a lot of terrific reporting on the Russia scandal, we need to see the same rigor brought the blizzard of deception from the administration and Republicans in Congress on everything from the budget to health care to climate change.”

“I love it when CNN does real-time fact-checking in its on-screen chyron,” she added. “More of that, please.”

CNN, which President Trump has referred to as the “Clinton News Network,” has faced criticism over its use of fact-checking chyrons, which some critics have said is disproportionately applied to conservatives.

“Why didn’t CNN run a chyron under President Obama whenever he said that if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor?” asked conservative commentator Ben Shapiro in a column during the election. “Or when he said that he never drew a red line in Syria? Or when he told another one of his thousands of outright lies?”

Hillary did have some criticisms for the media: for reporting on the emails WikiLeaks published from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. (RELATED: One Year Later, Journalists Exposed By WikiLeaks Carry On As Before)

Those emails revealed that then-DNC chair and then-CNN contributor Donna Brazile fed Clinton questions ahead of Democratic primary debates hosted by CNN. They also the contents of Hillary’s Wall Street speeches, which she sought to keep secret.

“American journalists who eagerly and uncritically repeated whatever WikiLeaks dished out during the campaign could learn from the more responsible way the French press handled the hack of Macron,” she wrote.

Clinton ignored the fact that the France’s electoral commission ordered the country’s media not to report on the contents of Emmanuel Macron’s emails, under French election laws that are much stricter than in the U.S.