HuffPost Publishes Article Calling Bush A ‘Terrorist,’ Promoting 9/11 Conspiracies On Anniversary Of Attacks


Justin Caruso Contributor
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The Huffington Post published an article on its contributor platform Monday that called George W. Bush and his family “terrorists” and openly promoted 9/11 truther conspiracy theories.

The post, written by Dexter Rogers, states, “… the world has been seriously duped into believing the terrorists ascended from abroad when actuality they were born and bred on American soil.”

The article quickly goes on to accuse Bush and the U.S. government of committing an inside job on 9/11.

“Bush managed to ride off into the sunset after destroying this country by socially engineering people that 9/11 was perpetrated by outsiders when it was an inside job by the American government,” Rogers says.

He expounds on his theories, stating, “Considering how the three towers collapsed many believe they were blown up demolition style. If you all remember, Tower No.7 fell and it was never hit. Also, where is the debris from the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon?”

The post was published on HuffPost’s contributor section, which allows individuals to write stories and publish to HuffPost without being staff members.

This article comes on the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, where over 3,000 Americans lost their lives to radical Islamic terror.

The Huffington Post has repeatedly made headlines for articles published on its contributor platform, many of which seem to be published with little scrutiny. The contributor platform has actually been closed to new sign-ups as of right now.

Rogers describes himself as a, “sports journalist and documentary filmmaker,” claiming to be “published and/or referenced” in the New York Times and USA Today. Rogers also states that he has “done work in conjunction with ESPN, NBC and CNN.”

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