In May, Ana Navarro Told Rubio Not To Focus On FL Hurricanes


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN contributor Ana Navarro sent a tweet in May that she may be regretting now that Hurricane Irma has ripped through the state of Florida.

On May 16, Sen. Marco Rubio urged Floridians to update their hurricane kits because hurricane season would soon be upon them.

The ever-charming Navarro decided to criticize Rubio for focusing on hurricanes in Florida, tweeting, “Dear @marcorubio, 2 wks until hurricane season.”

“This FL voter would appreciate u laser focus on Cat 5 storm in DC,” she wrote, most likely referring to the Trump White House.

Of course, considering Florida was just wrecked by Hurricane Irma, Navarro’s complaint about Rubio focusing on actual hurricanes looks pretty silly–not to mention insensitive.

Bet she wishes she never sent that one.

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