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Lyin’ Brian Williams To Viewers: Take Somebody Else’s Story And Pretend It’s Your Own

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Brian Williams, eight-time Tour de France winner and inventor of the iPod, didn’t quite end his career by telling other people’s stories of bravery as his own, but he sure did pay for his lies. He fell all the way to MSNBC, where he’s now making “jokes” encouraging viewers to do the same thing he did.

Ken Meyer, Mediaite:

Earlier today, the MSNBC anchor [Brian Williams] was reviewing photos of the storm surge that Hurricane Irma has caused in Florida. Williams discouraged people from going out in the harsh conditions, but at one point actually said, “Forward this picture on Instagram, pretend you shot it, and pretend it’s yours. We’ll look the other way.”

It’s good that Williams is discouraging people from going out in a hurricane. But it’s very telling that he assumes they want to go out there for the same reason he would. He lied to make people think he was brave. He stole the valor of others. That’s his instinct, so why wouldn’t it be yours?

That’s the thing about a liar. He can’t imagine anybody being better than him. What a living hell he’s in.