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Physicians Group Launches Effort To Help Patients Find Pro-Gun Healthcare Providers

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NRA ILA Contributor
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The NRA has long warned its members about the medical profession’s institutional bias against guns and their owners. This politically-motivated position – backed by flimsy and often misinterpreted “studies – has even resulted in patients being denied care for refusing to discuss gun ownership with healthcare providers. This discrimination, in turn, has provoked legislation to prevent doctors from injecting their politics into the exam room. 

But after a long-running legal battle in Florida ended recently with the court deferring to the doctors’ wishes to browbeat their gun-owning patients, a group of pro-gun physicians has stepped up to offer a free-market solution for pairing patients with doctors who respect their Second Amendment rights. 

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO) has long sought to counter the prevailing antigun orthodoxy in medicine. This week, the group announced the launch of a new effort,, a free service for providers and patients that will allow doctors to voluntarily join a directory of gun friendly service providers in a wide range of medical specialties. Patients can then obtain contact information for these doctors through the service. 

According to an article announcing the initiative, “The service will allow patients to find healthcare providers who won’t badger them or penalize them for owning firearms,” while also allowing freedom-loving healers to “add patients to their practice.”

That sounds like a win-win to us, and we commend the good folks at DRGO for this proactive initiative that should also help debunk the idea that “science” has incontrovertibly “proven” that gun ownership is incompatible with a healthy lifestyle.

Providers wishing to add their names to the directory can visit to get further details and complete an online registration form. 

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