South Park Season 21 Preview — Here’s Three Things We Want To See

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South Park is back Wednesday Sept. 21 and should hit back hard on today’s increasingly political correct media culture.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the writers of South Park, have continued to push the limit on what is ‘okay’ to joke about on cable television. Although they have publicly spoken about straying away from focusing on political jokes, they will have a lot of material to poke fun at this year.

The first episode’s title has just been announced as “White People Renovating Houses.” The episode’s description from the preview is, “Protesters armed with tiki torches and confederate flags take to the streets of South Park. Randy comes to grips with what it means to be white in today’s society.”

This episode has an opportunity to really expose the media’s overblown response to the Charlottesville attack, while showing the stupidity of each side of the groups at the event.

Charlottesville was one of the biggest stories this summer, so it makes sense for the season to start off with that event, and this has been one of the most eventful summers of political divide and outrage.

Here are three hot media topics I would like to see South Park go after this season:

1) Antifa

Antifa has been a increasingly growing protest group of anarchist claiming to be against fascism. They wear all black, disrupt speech with violence, and get little criticism from the mainstream media. Their violent approach to peace is satire in itself, and South Park would the perfect platform to expose their hypocrisy and the media’s glorification of them.

2) More Kaepernick

In Season 20, South Park had an entire episode making fun of the media’s obsession with Colin Kaepernick kneeing during the anthem. Since then, the story has not faded one bit. Kaepernick is jobless and ESPN, along with other media organizations, seem devastated. I would like to see what South Park does best, and show the absurdity of overblown narratives like Kaepernick.

3) Amazon and Jeff Bezos

Since last year the owner of Amazon and The Washington Post Jeff Bezos has made Amazon one of the largest tech companies in American. He even just bought Whole Foods and is expected to pass Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. South Park could make a great episode by showing Gates trying to do anything to keep his status as the richest man in the world. At the same time, it can show how Jeff Bezos is slowly taking over the world through Amazon.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker will have a lot of material to work with considering how preposterous American social justice culture has become. This Wednesday we will see South Park back at a time when a politically incorrect show is desperately needed.

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Bill Rizzo