Shaun King Stops NFL Boycott To Prove He Doesn’t Know Anything About Football

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Shaun King apparently didn’t mean it when he said he was boycotting the NFL because he had plenty of thoughts on the games this weekend.

King’s boycott of the NFL couldn’t even make it past the first week of games. That’s not the winning attitude that wins championships.

Luckily for all of us, King was kind enough to give his thoughts on the quarterback play in the league, and proved he doesn’t know anything about football.

King then broke it down by a few teams. His thoughts were pretty laughable.

The Browns are currently not contenders and are doing their best to get Kizer the reps he needs to be a successful quarterback. Kaepernick provides no value for the franchise.

Josh McCown is the Jets quarterback, and he’s one of the most tested journeymen in the NFL. No chance Kaepernick provides more value given the negatives tied to him at this time.

Andy Dalton might have had a bad game, but there is no chance the Bengals are pulling the plug on him for anybody other than AJ McCarron.

Andrew Luck could be back at any moment. Again, zero shot they’re bringing in Kaepernick to backup Luck.

Is he serious? No chance DeShaun Watson is getting his job taken away by Kaepernick. Tom Savage might be bad, but Watson is the future of the franchise.

Now he’s just trolling with us. Carson Palmer is a top 20 or 15 quarterback in the league. Is King being serious?

I’m sure the Bears spent the second pick of the 2017 NFL draft on quarterback Mitch Trubisky so that Kaepernick could join the team after the season already started. Makes perfect sense.

Thank you Shaun King for once again proving you don’t know anything about football.

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