‘The View’ Can’t Stop Spreading Fake News [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The women of “The View,” apparently incapable of understanding facts, managed to botch two separate stories discussed on the show and tweeted out to their followers on Tuesday.

First, the ladies decided to discuss a major hot topic — Ted Cruz’s Twitter account “liking” a tweet showing a video of incest porn. “The View” tweeted a video of the discussion but had a major inaccuracy in its caption.

“Did Ted Cruz’s Twitter account “like” a porn clip?” they tweeted. “Although his team says his account was hacked, the co-hosts give their take.”

But Cruz’s team never claimed his account was hacked. Rather they blamed a staffer for “inadvertently” liking the porn tweet and said they were handling the matter internally. (RELATED: Cruz: A Staffer Accidentally ‘Liked’ The Incest Porn)


The second piece of fake news arrived when the ladies pivoted to a story about Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asking Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke about U.S. monuments being taken down.

“A FOX News host asked if 9/11 memorials could be taken down like Confederate monuments,” the show’s Twitter account claimed, with a clip of the ladies discussing the story.

“The View” actually managed to debunk its own fake news in the video, as when it showed the clip of Kilmeade questioning Zinke, it is clear he is talking about all monuments and not just Confederate ones.

This isn’t the first time “The View” has been caught fudging the facts on its program. Just last week, The Daily Caller called out Joy Behar for misrepresenting a fact check done by Politifact. (VIDEO: Joy Behar: ‘I Feel Sorry For’ Sarah Sanders) 

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