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What Is A Dolphin Split?

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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The “Dolphin Split” is definitely a more advanced vaping trick. It involves blowing a large O from the inhaled vapor and then with your mouth breaking the large O into a smaller O and sending it in any direction you please.

You start the Dolphin Split by taking a nice draw on your vape mod and blowing an O. Then “push” the O with your hands. There is no need to actually touch the O with your hands. A simple hand motion from behind the O works just fine in moving the circular shaped vapor production in mid-air.

While the O is moving and getting larger in the air, you move toward the O and inhale from the top – or the 12 o’clock – of the O straight down to about the 5 o’clock. This is done all in one motion. A common mistake is inhaling around the O. The correct way is to tilt your chin up slightly and inhale down through the O. In doing this you are connecting a smaller vaporized O shape, which you can then blow in any direction you choose.

The trickster in the video said it took him a straight three hours to complete this trick. All vape tricks require practice, especially the more advanced ones like the Dolphin Split.