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Why Vape Tricks Are Better Than Smoke Tricks

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Smokers have long been familiar with doing smoke tricks. And the most popular of those tricks has always been blowing smoke rings. To do that, the smoker should never inhale the smoke, since part of the smoke would dissipate in his or her lungs and make it less dense for the ring.

Vapers have their own version of the smoke ring trick, and it’s called “blowing O’s.” And because vaping does not require the use of any smoke, there is no issue with inhalation in this trick. Vaping also gives you a lot more firepower when it comes to how much vapor you can take in. That means that instead of just blowing O’s, vapers can also blow double and triple O’s simultaneously. This article and the accompanying video will explain how it’s done.

The trick starts with a good inhale. Then the simple single O can be performed by keeping your mouth in the position as when you actually say the word “Oh.” As you are saying “Oh,” you want to get a good cough. This throat cough will release some small O’s. It takes some practice, but that technique will give you the power to launch the O’s. If it is too weak, you will just see vapor coming out of your mouth in no formation. It you push too hard the O’s will break up quickly. Once you perfected the single O, you are ready to move on.

To blow double O’s, you must follow the same technique. Take a good vape inhale. The only addition is you must put a finger in the middle of your mouth. The top of your finger will be right above your upper lip and pulling down. Keeping your finger in that position, you will be able to get an O out on both sides of your mouth. You just have to make sure that you pull down in a manner that creates decent size openings on both sides of your mouth. Following the same concept with single O’s, with a good throat cough, you should be able to get out two O’s. Once this is perfected it is time to move on once again!

Is it possible to blow three O’s out of your mouth at the same time? The answer is yes. This can be done following the above techniques for blowing single and double O’s, but adding one small factor. That is, you will add one more finger. That’s right. One more finger to the top of your lip, leaving enough room for 3 openings to your mouth, in between your fingers. To make three O’s possible, two fingers must be pressed down on top of your lip. It is a little harder to do than the double O’s and you must open your mouth a little bit more in the process. Once your two fingers are in place and your mouth is open a bit more, you will say “Oh” and give that little bit of a throat cough to create your three O’s. Vaping makes blowing O’s more fun than blowing smoke rings – yet another reason to make the switch!

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