Former Student Is Suing Notre Dame Over Rape Investigation

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

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Notre Dame was handed a lawsuit recently from a former student who is claiming they mishandled the investigation of a football player who allegedly raped her.

According to USA TODAY Sports, which broke the story Tuesday, the female student claims the university mishandled the investigation into the investigation regarding her claims that a football player sexually assaulted her. The student claims the school told her to drop the case in order to let the player transfer to another school.

There have also been claims of other women on campus who have said they were sexually assaulted, but that was never handled and ultimately swept under the rug. These allegations all sound eerily familiar to the scandal that beset Baylor University under the same circumstances.

Paul Brow, vice president for public affairs and communications for Notre Dame issued this statement on the matter:

“We will respond in full to the complaint, which contains several inaccurate allegations. For now, we note that every university has a legal obligation to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct. Notre Dame takes this obligation seriously, and endeavors to do so in a manner that is as respectful as possible of the privacy and safety of all students involved. We believe we did so in this case. The claim that Notre Dame’s process in this case assisted the accused student in transferring is one of several false statements in the complaint, which we will defend vigorously.”