Matt Lauer Bending The Knee To Hillary Is An Embarrassing Move [VIDEO]

Screen Shot NBC

Matt Lauer interviewed Hillary Clinton Wednesday on “Today” about her new memoir, “What Happened,” during which the NBC host groveled at the feet of the former secretary of state.

In the book, Clinton points to just about everything that led to her losing the 2016 presidential election.

She specifically went after Lauer for his moderating at a town hall event between Trump and Clinton at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York leading up to the election, during which some believe he went easy on Trump.

In her memoir, Clinton writes that she was “ticked off” and “almost physically sick” due to Lauer’s handling of the event.

“Full disclosure,” Lauer conceded to Clinton on Wednesday, “you criticize me pretty soundly.”

It’s impossible to see how Lauer stands to gain anything from giving in after all this time, and he should be embarrassed with himself for not sticking up for his totally fair campaign performance.

It’s almost as embarrassing as writing a book blaming everything under the sun (except herself, of course) for losing something that should have been an easy win.

I guess Lauer is “with her” now.