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UVA Students Deface Statue Of Thomas Jefferson, Because That’s What We Do Now

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Remember when people started freaking out over statues, and President Trump speculated that pretty soon they’d go after statues of the Founding Fathers? And remember how ridiculous you thought it was? Remember how you thought it would never come to that?


I don’t agree with Trump very often, but when he’s right, he’s right. Victor Morton, Washington Times:

The statue of Thomas Jefferson was attacked Tuesday evening by protesters at the university he founded.

According to local media in Charlottesville, about 100 [University of Virginia] students, faculty and local residents shrouded the statue in black and hung a banner on it saying “Black Lives Matter” and that “White Supremacy” should commit a sexual act.

Others in the small rainy-night crowd carried signs reading “Thomas Jefferson is a racist and a rapist” and chanted “No Trump, No KKK, no racist UVa.”

It seems to me that if the founder of your university was a racist and a rapist, attending his college does more to preserve his memory than any statue ever could. If you really wanted to show everybody that you’re against the things you claim he stood for, you’d drop out. You’d take your parents’ money elsewhere. But obviously, I haven’t put as much thought into it as today’s college students have.