What’s Happening In The Shadow Of 2016


Alan Keyes Former Assistant Secretary of State
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If Hillary Clinton had won the White House in the last election, and the Democrats had won control of both Houses of Congress, there would be no fuss and bother about the raising the “debt ceiling.” The Democrats have long taken the position that “there are ‘a lot of good reasons’ to eliminate the U.SD. debt ceiling.”  So, Clinton, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would have “agreed on a plan to eliminate regular votes on the borrowing limit.  And, in the interim, they would have forced through a ‘clean’ debt ceiling increase, for the time being, by attaching that action to some politically mandatory measure, like providing money to fund relief efforts for the states hard hit by the uncommonly furious onset of the hurricane season this year.

All this would have left the GOP minority in the Congress dwelling, as usual, on the good sense it makes to use the debt ceiling vote to highlight the dire need to constrain the government’s spending frenzy that has pushed the nation’s debt to unimaginable levels thus far in the 21st Century. With the nation’s attention focused on the operational implications of the debt ceiling, they would have used the spotlight to argue that it’s long past time for the American people to demand concrete measures to impose fiscal/budgetary sanity, measures that force the US Government to concentrate on its essential Constitutional duties.

Of course, In the name of “getting things done” for people,  leftist pundits would have praised President Clinton and the Democrat Congressional leaders for “moving the ball down the field.”  They would have argued that, when they elected Clinton President, and handed the Democratic Party its majorities in both Houses of Congress, the American people signaled their desire to fund Obamacare and keep other welfare spigots flowing freely, even to people who illegally entered the country.

As a conservative, I understand that such budgetary and fiscal licentiousness will lead to the downfall of our Constitutional self-government as a people.  I should therefore have reason to be thankful that the American people rejected Hillary Clinton and her socialist, free spending fellow Democrats.  The voters who elected Donald Trump, and left GOP majorities in control of the US Congress, knew that Schumer and Pelosi would only carry America’s ball toward the wrong goal line.  They voted for a budget/fiscal policy that insists on spending and debt discipline, buttressed by Congressional proceedings used to inform and educate the American people about the dire consequences of continuing the US government’s spending frenzy.

They voted for a White House controlled by someone who would give priority to defense of the sovereignty, border security and safety of the nation, rather than funding what amounts to bribery for urban masses inclined to support the Democrats’ socialist pipe-dreams.  They voted for someone who meant to put a stop to illegal immigration, not buy time to figure out how to slip policies that further encourage it past the American people.

Above all they voted to chastise the GOP’s elitist faction leadership for its past betrayals. They voted to trust the promises of a candidate avowedly determined to “drain the swamp”, and show respect for the premises and provisions of the Constitution.  They trusted that he would never endorse the minions of GOP swamp things like Senator Mitch McConnell.  They trusted in rhetoric that corresponded to their longing for staunch representatives, who have proved their intention to fulfill their duty to uphold the Constitution, and champion our God-endowed rights, including liberty—men or women like Judge Roy Moore of Alabama—who stand strong for the very policies Donald Trump successfully persuaded them he would never abandon.

Of course, actions speak louder than words.  But what reason could there be to doubt the words of someone who spoke with such convincing certitude about the policies he meant to pursue? It would be shocking indeed if his earliest supporters were ever reduced to lamenting the eclipse of the strong commitment he avowed to make good on the promises that inspired their support for him.  Then the voters who trusted those promises might start to feel exactly like those who have repeatedly supported the GOP swamp denizens Donald Trump so often denounced on his way to the White House.

Seeing the transformation of the White House in the last several months, why would anyone think such feelings justified?  Why would anyone begin to see the possibility that accurate reasoning supported the following words written not so very long ago:

…columns will be written here and there detailing the abandonment of the postures, stances and froward spirit that got Donald Trump elected. Others will proclaim the truth – that Donald Trump has achieved what the RINOs, GOP quislings and even Clinton/Obama Democrats have aimed to do for years, i.e., turn the GOP into a party of government, somewhat less overtly socialist than the Democrats, but with a stance more open to the deceitfully fabricated “diversity” of the American people.

Or, will it be a Party ripe to be replaced in 2020 by an openly elitist political vehicle, forged in the wake of a successfully consummated demagogic seduction of the American people.  It would bear (like the Gaullist party in 20th Century France) the name-brand of the elitist faction genius who contrived to mask its rise.  Tragically, (for the destiny of the American people) that brand would tower over the grave of that portion of America’s body politic which was sincerely committed to serving and conserving our Constitution’s founding principles of God-endowed right and rights, including liberty, for all.  Instead, it would make aristocracy great again—and that is probably an excessively optimistic way to put it.

Forbid it, Almighty God!  Instead, may He see fit to bless Roy Moore with victory in Alabama.  And may And impelled by that token of His good will, may Moore’s victory be the harbinger of a sea-change in 2018, a tide of new legislators and Congressional leaders demonstratively unwavering in their resolve to represent the common heart of Americans still committed to the God-fearing principles that made, and will yet keep us truly free.