What’s Wrong With Being A Babe In Power?

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Hope Hicks was officially named Trump’s White House Communications Director yesterday, and the hilarity that has ensued since then has been all but unpredictable.

The internet quickly tried to dig up dirt on the 28 year old. But rather than finding dirty business dealings or ties to hostile foreign powers, slimy D-list celebrities like Billy Baldwin went straight to appearance:

Let’s be clear here. Hope Hicks is a very attractive woman. But this photo is not Hope Hicks. It’s model Hilary Rhoda:

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Hicks had a modeling career when she was much younger.

The absolute last person who should be commenting on somebody else’s appearance is a greasy Twitter troll like Billy Baldwin. The guy describes himself as a wrestling enthusiast and he’s commenting on politics and pushing fake news. Most of the shows he’s worked on have been cancelled, and I’m pretty sure the last time we saw him he was working on The Craigslist Killer on Lifetime. Not exactly somebody I’d want to cozy up to.

And what exactly is Hope Hicks’ crime here? That she’s an attractive woman? Last time I checked, this was America. Where a woman can be both attractive and intelligent and it doesn’t interfere with how she does her job.

Sure, Hope used to model as a teen. She also holds a college degree and has known Ivanka since 2012. She enjoyed a successful run in the private sector, well before the Donald Trump presidency was a notion.

And if being attractive is Hope Hicks’ crime, I guess you could say being unattractive is another punishable offense. Remember when Daily Beast writer Ira Madison III called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a “butch queen first time in drags at ball?”

Or this:

It’s starting to sound like every woman on the Trump team has upset leftists just for looking a certain way. How very progressive and feminist.

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