69 Times Trump Attacked Amnesty

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Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump wants Congress to pass amnesty for illegal immigrants. The White House calls it “responsible immigration reform” and claimed Tuesday that Trump has always supported it.

However, The Daily Caller’s intrepid research has unearthed 69 times that Trump spoke out against amnesty.

1. August 31, 2016

“When politicians talk about immigration reform, they usually mean the following: amnesty, open borders, and lower wages.”

2. August 31, 2016

“We will break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration. There will be no amnesty.”

3. October 20, 2016

4. April 22, 2015

5. Sep 1., 2016

6. April 23, 2015

7. November 12, 2015

8. January 21, 2015

9. November 24, 2014

10. June 26, 2014

11. January 30, 2014

12. July 18, 2013

13. July 9, 2013

14. July, 1, 2013

15. March 19, 2013

16. February 14, 2013

17. February 14, 2013

18. June 22, 2013

“Hillary Clinton has put forward the most radical immigration platform in the history of the United States,” Trump said. “She’s pledged to grant mass amnesty and in her first 100 days end virtually all immigration enforcement and thus create totally open borders for the United States, totally open borders.”

19. June 25, 2013

20. August 25, 2016

“Let me go a step further — they’ll pay back-taxes, they have to pay taxes, there’s no amnesty, as such, there’s no amnesty, but we work with them.

21. August 27, 2016

“She has pledged amnesty in her first 100 days, combined with the elimination of virtually all routine immigration enforcement. In other words, totally open borders. Which will lead to a massive crime wave.”

22. November 4, 2015

“Paul Singer represents amnesty and he represents illegal immigrants pouring into the country and now he’s with Rubio.”

23. July 23, 2013

24. June 3, 2013

25. November 9, 2015

26. Time To Get Tough (released December 5, 2011)

“The Development, Relief, and Education For Alien Minors (DREAM) proposal is yet another attempt by Obama and his pro-amnesty pals to create new anchors and rewards for those who defy our laws.”

27. Time To Get Tough (released December 5, 2011)

“The fact that legislation like the DREAM Act has even seen the light of day shows you just how upside down our immigration policies have become – and just how far politicians are willing to pander to what they see as a Latino voting bloc.”

28. Time To Get Tough (released December 5, 2011)

“Sacrificing American laws on the altar of political expediency is immoral. If Congress is ever foolish enough to pass legislation that grants tuition breaks for illegal aliens, America’s next president must have the political courage and constitutional conviction to veto it.”

29. Time To Get Tough (released December 5, 2011)

“Democrats need to respect our laws, respect the fact that Latino Americans are as interested in the rule of law as anyone else, respect the immigrants who are patiently and lawfully standing in line for legal citizenship, and most of all respect our own citizens who should not have the rule of law, their jobs, even their lives and their nation’s future put at risk by irresponsible Washington politicians. That’s the sort of ‘hope and change’ we need, not a commander in chief who thinks border security and the rule of law is a joke.”

30. Time To Get Tough (released December 5, 2011)

“How can we ask our brave U.S. border agents to risk their lives when the commander in chief is just going to shrug his shoulders and let 300,000 illegals make a mockery of our laws? It’s a total disgrace.”

31. Time To Get Tough (released December 5, 2011)

“Obama wants to reward illegal immigrants by giving them the chance to take yet another American job. ‘The lesson for illegal aliens,’ says James R. Edwards Jr., coauthor of The Congressional Politics of Immigration Reform, is that if they get ‘caught, they can escape immigration trouble, win legal status and seek a work permit.'”

32. July 25, 2015

33. May 4, 2015

34. April 17, 2015

35. February 3, 2015

36. December 16, 2014

37. December 15, 2014

38. November 20, 2014

39. November 18, 2014

40. November 4, 2014

41. October 24, 2014

42. October 24, 2014

43. September 29, 2014

44. September 12, 2014

45. August 27, 2014

46. August 31, 2016

“Hillary Clinton has pledged amnesty in her first 100 days, and her plan will provide Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare for illegal immigrants – breaking the federal budget. On top of that, she promises uncontrolled low-skilled immigration that continues to reduce jobs and wages for American workers, especially African-American and Hispanic workers. This includes her plan to bring in 620,000 new refugees in a four-year term.”

47. August 31, 2016

“We will immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties, in which he defied federal law and the constitution to give amnesty to approximately 5 million illegal immigrants.

48. August 31, 2016

“Hillary Clinton has pledged to keep both of these illegal amnesty programs – including the 2014 amnesty which has been blocked by the Supreme Court. Clinton has also pledged to add a third executive amnesty.”

49. August 31, 2016

“What we do know, despite the total lack of media curiosity, is that Hillary Clinton promises a radical amnesty combined with a radical reduction in immigration enforcement. The result will be millions more illegal immigrants, thousands more violent crimes, and total chaos and lawlessness.”

50. August 25, 2014

51. June 17, 2014

52. August 16, 2015




We have to make a whole new set of standards. And when people come in, they have to come in legally.”

52. September 22, 2015

53. September 23, 2015

54. October 8, 2015

55. November 1, 2015

56. November 1, 2015

57. November 3, 2015

58. February 23, 2016

59. February 23, 2016

60. February 28, 2016

61. February 28, 2016

62. June 24, 2016

63. November 7, 2016

64.December 27, 2015

65. October 19, 2016

“Well, first of all, [Hillary Clinton] wants to give amnesty, which is a disaster and very unfair to all of the people that are waiting on line for many, many years. We need strong borders.”

66. October 19, 2016

“Hillary wants to give amnesty. She wants to have open borders. The border — as you know, the Border Patrol agents, 16,500-plus ICE last week, endorsed me. First time they’ve ever endorsed a candidate. It means their job is tougher. But they know what’s going on. They know it better than anybody. They want strong borders. They feel we have to have strong borders.”

67. October 19, 2016

“We need strong borders. We need absolute — we cannot give amnesty.”

68. December 27, 2015

69. September 26, 2015