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Afternoon Mirror: Jedediah Bila Blasts Fox News

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Again POTUS complained about ill fitting gloves while handing out food to hurricane victims. Per Pool: ‘They’re too small.'” 

Pat Ward, Fox News Sunday.

Spotted: Frank Luntz in Denver Airport 

Sorry, readers, no pictures because my paparazzi-in-training spy wasn’t fast enough. He did get a good look at Luntz’s shoes, which he swears were not his signature large sneakers. They were more normal, less obnoxious than usual. “I got no pic. But he was talking on the phone and wearing an orange shirt.” Was he alone? “Alone. I missed the sneakers. Looked like he had some luggage and was probably heading out rather than arriving.” A few minutes later: “He just passed again. He’s wearing an orange polo type shirt. With khaki pants. Just looked like normal tennis shoes. Not the weird ones.” He always wears the weird ones, I told my spy. “I think he wears them when he wants to be noticed. Or when his brand is on display.”

A dose of wisdom: “BREAKING: The world’s problems will not be solved by arguing with strangers on Twitter. We’ll update you when we have more on this story.” — Channel 4, UK broadcaster.

ABC’s The View Co-host Goes OFF On Fox News 

On Thursday’s show, the ladies were gushing about Hillary Clinton decision to stay with Bill and Hillary’s explanation in her new book What Happened on why she stayed with him.

Hillary appeared on The View Wednesday.

When it was co-host Jedediah Bila‘s turn to talk, she went off on Fox News and defended her right to have opinions about other people’s marriages or relationship.

“Just to let Fox News know…they wrote this article about me, they spelled my name incorrectly, by the way, I only worked there for years, thanks guys. You can comment on somebody”s marriage if you’re asked about it, and that doesn’t mean that that is going to be the reason you vote for them or you don’t. But if I’m asked about Melania Trump’s relationship with Donald and I’m observing, I can say look, it looks a little weird to me, it looks like a strange dynamic. I’ve comment on Michelle Obama and her husband. I’ve commented on Bill and Hillary. …That’s called having an opinion about something. That doesn’t mean it’s why I’m going to vote for someone.”

The Fox News story has since corrected the spelling of Bila’s name.

Here’s the graph that got J-Bilo so riled:

“In March the co-hosts discussed a video of Melania at the inauguration in which she stopped smiling as her husband was no longer facing her. Jedediah Bila noted “there’s something weird” about the Trumps’ relationship and compared them to a couple she knows that got divorced.” 

Dworky ‘AM Joy’ contributor calls Trump ‘fat’ and ‘whiny’ 

“@realDonaldTrump @BarackObama will always be better than u. He’s a grown man, not a fat whiny baby. He’s also smarter & his hair is real.” — Scott Dworkin, MSNBC “AM Joy” contributor.

CREW VP dings Ivanka Trump 

“If she can get daddy to ditch Breitbart and the KKK good for her. Otherwise she’s just filling the swamp.” — Richard Painter, vice chairman of CREW, law prof at the University of Minnesota.

Prepare To Endure Trevor Noah Through 2022

The mildly funny Comedy Central “Daily Show” host’s contract has been renewed for five years.

See here.

Check this out…Comedy Central framed it a bit differently: “He’s a keeper. Trevor Noah will host The Daily Show through 2022, along with year-end specials.”

Tucker Carlson weighs in on Hillary Clinton 

“If @HillaryClinton is such a strong woman why is she playing the victim?” — Tucker Carlson‘s Twitter feed.

Roger Stone isn’t on board Ann Coulter’s Twitter plane 

“We have great respect for @AnnCoulter — but walls are not built in a day. Stop w the hysterics. There’s more to the story.” — Roger Stone‘s film account, Get Me Roger Stone, in reaction to Coulter tweeting that President Trump should be impeached over his DACA deal with Chuck & Nancy.

But Laura Ingraham appears to be…

“When does American working class w/out real wage increase in 15yrs & who send their kids to overcrowded public schools get amnesty?” — Fox News host Laura Ingraham, founder LifeZette.

‘Grammar Police’ nabs Chris Rock 

ThinkProgress editor mocks Fox News’ Sean Hannity

Mika Brzezinski and her chicken have an important announcement

Pierre and I just wanted you to know that I have a really exciting announcement coming soon! #knowyourvalue

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Today’s picture comes to us from Washington Examiner‘s media writer Eddie Scarry, who is traveling out west. Here’s his description: “That town in the middle is called Mt. Crested Butte. The moutain to the far right, the tallest one, is Crested Butte. You can see how the tip is kind of curved.” He admits he called the town Crested Butt.

By Washington Examiner’s Eddie Scarry.