CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: I Would Serve Trump Hemlock [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who hosts a travel show on CNN, said in an interview with TMZ that he would poison President Donald Trump’s food if he were given the chance.

TMZ caught up with Bourdain outside of LAX airport and asked him if he would ever visit North Korea, to which Bourdain said he would not because Kim Jong Un is a “chubby, evil little fucker.”

Then, the TMZ reporter asked Bourdain what he would serve to Kim Jong Un and President Trump if he were asked to cater a meal between the two leaders.

“Hemlock,” Bourdain coolly replied.


Bourdain is currently the host of “Parts Unknown” on CNN and previously hosted the popular show “No Reservations” on The Travel Channel.

CNN has had serious issues with hosts being unable to control their rage toward the current president. They recently fired comedienne Kathy Griffin, who co-hosted their New Year’s Eve specials, for posing with Trump’s severed head. Griffin initially apologized but then took back her apology shortly after she was fired. (RELATED: Kathy Griffin Is Taking Back Her Apology For Posing With Severed Trump Head)

The network was also forced to cancel Reza Aslan’s show “Believer” after he called Trump a “piece of shit” on Twitter and it was revealed that was not his first vulgar tweet against his ideological opponents. (RELATED: CNN Cancels Reza Aslan’s Show After Vulgar Anti-Trump Tweet) 

Then, in late August, it was reported that host W. Kamau Bell spoke at a rally where violent Antifa members attacked peaceful right-wingers and journalists. Bell declined to denounce the violence and CNN never commented on the matter. (RELATED: CNN Host W. Kamau Bell Spoke At Antifa Rally) 

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