Hillary Clinton Demos Alternative Nostril Breathing To Millions Of Viewers


Jena Greene Reporter
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Hillary Clinton revealed how she coped with the initial shock of losing the 2016 Presidential Election to Anderson Cooper last night: alternative nostril breathing.

I’m not making this up. There’s video.


I don’t know what’s better. The fact that she readily did this for millions of viewers or the fact that she took herself completely seriously the entire time.

Even Anderson Cooper had difficulty maintaining his composure during the scene.

But just when I thought Clinton couldn’t be any less defendable, her puppets came to her rescue. The Huffington Post claimed it’s a trick experts swear by and it’s really not a big deal. Slate blamed Trump for everything, saying we all could use a little nostril breathing to cope with his awfulness.

I’m beginning to think that Hillary Clinton could literally tell people to switch parties and vote for a different candidate and they would.