Joy Behar: Melania Treats Trump ‘Like He Has The Zika Virus’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Joy Behar attacked Melania Trump during “The View” Thursday when she claimed that the first lady treated President Donald Trump like he has “the Zika virus.”

The comment came about during a panel discussion where they blasted Fox News for their criticism of the ladies interview the day before with Hillary Clinton. Whoopi Goldberg claimed the news organization’s website called the hosts “hypocrites for always commenting on the current first couple’s marriage” but not the Clinton’s.

The only headline I could find read, “View’ co-hosts slam critics of Hillary Clinton’s marriage but Trump–Melania relationship fair game.” (RELATED: Joy Behar: Hillary Has ‘Right To B****’ About The Election [VIDEO])


“Clearly, as usual they didn’t see the interview,” Goldberg said.

They then played a clip from the Clinton’s interview showing Sunny Hostin asking Hillary about the criticism from Republican’s who have been critical of her marriage and the ladies all agreeing people should “mind their own business.”

“Just for the record, one of the things that we commented on…because we have never seen this before…is a many married president,” Goldberg explained as the reason they talk about the Trump’s. “Cleary, you’ve never seen the show or you would know that Joy has at times been relentless about the Clinton’s marriage.”

“Yeah, because it’s about adultery,” Behar responded. “That’s one of the last things you can actually joke about in this country. Everything is so difficult to make a joke about. And you know just because she, Melania, she treats him like he has the Zika virus. That’s comedy as far as I’m concerned.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that Fox lost this distinction, which is Hillary is the political candidate,” Sarah Haines interjected. “When you define the political candidate by their husband you’re missing a big point here. We can have jobs without their approval. Melania is the wife. It’s different to me when you gauge a political career based on the husband.”