President Trump Hands Out Food And Cracks Jokes With Hurricane Survivors [VIDEO]

Liam Clancy Reporter
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President Trump met with survivors of Hurricane Irma in Naples, Florida Thursday afternoon.

POTUS joined the relief effort by handing out food and cracking jokes with hurricane victims.

Trump donned gloves before handing out food, but one reportedly ripped, prompting The Donald to tell the traveling press pool, “they’re too small.”


The President was joined by First Lady Melania Trump, who also assisted in delivering food to those affected by the hurricane.

“We love the people of Florida,” Trump told reporters, “and we’re going to help.”

“The job that everybody has done has been incredible,” he continued. “And by the way, that includes the people that live here, because you see the people immediately getting back to work to fix up their homes.”

Trump went on to call the hurricane an unparalleled disaster, “the likes of which nobody has ever seen before.”

While helping victims and talking to the press, Trump still managed to lighten the mood. When a musclar man approached Trump, he admired his physique.

“You a workout guy?” Trump asked. “Keep it up.”

This is Trump’s third trip to a hurricane disaster area in 17 days, following Hurricane Harvey a few weeks earlier. Hurricane Irma ravaged Florida over the weekend. Authorities are currently reporting death toll at 31, while more than 2.5 million Americans still don’t have access to power.