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Who’s Ready For The Worst Reality Show Ever?

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Here’s one from the Department of Redundancy Department: Somebody’s making a reality show set in Washington, DC. That place is already a reality show, amirite? [awesome high-fives all around]

If you asked me to name my least favorite thing in the world, “Vice.com” and “reality shows” and “Washington, DC” would be a three-way tie. But as 2017 has shown me, over and over again, my opinion doesn’t matter. Jeremy Barr, Hollywood Reporter:

“VICE Studios is casting for an experimental unscripted series that will bring together 18-45 year-olds from all walks of life and political extremes to live in close quarters in Washington, D.C.,” according to a casting form

In the form, prospective castmembers for the Vice Studios project are asked about their political leanings, about one change they’d make to improve the American political system, and about their personality traits. They’re also asked: “Why on earth would you want to go on a reality TV show in which you know you’re going to be forced to be around and react to people who are your ideological opposite?”

That last one’s easy. Stupid people want to be famous too.

So basically this will be The Real World, except you hate every single one of them. Although I guess that’s just The Real World.

The only way I’ll watch this if it’s used as a torture device when I get sent to Gitmo, but please let me know how big the house’s literal safe space is. They’re all gonna need it.

Why can’t somebody bring back Boot Camp? That was the only reality show I ever liked.