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Berkeley Hosts Conservative Speaker Without Plunging Into Chaos

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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I don’t know if Antifa decided to take the night off, or if they were deterred by the extraordinary security precautions in Berkeley last night. Maybe they just got bored with being violent assholes. But I’m glad Ben Shapiro was able to speak there without any leftist idiots starting a riot.

Liam Clancy reports:

Ben Shapiro’s speech at the University of California, Berkeley passed without major incident on Thursday night.

Shapiro’s lecture, entitled “Say No To Campus Thuggery,” took aim at identity politics and the culture of censorship that permeates higher education…

Security for the speech was extremely tight, and concrete barriers were erected around the event.

A few people were arrested. The usual stupid signs were waved, and the usual stupid chants were chanted. But there was no violence. I’m not going to congratulate Antifa for restraining themselves from doing things they shouldn’t be doing in the first place, but I appreciate that they didn’t hurt anybody. And the only thing they broke was their streak.

It’s hilarious that some of these dummies are calling Shapiro a Nazi and a white supremacist. For the past 18 months, actual Nazis and white supremacists have been screaming “GET IN THE OVEN” at Shapiro. They hate his guts. He’s put up with torrents of verbal abuse that would send these overgrown toddlers straight to their safe space.

Congratulations to Ben, and congratulations to the city of Berkeley. Maybe we can still do this whole “free speech” thing after all.


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