CNN Commentator: ‘Absolutely’ Trump ‘Is A White Supremacist’

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CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill accused President Trump of being a white supremacist Friday afternoon.

Lamont Hill, who is also a professor at Temple University, appeared on CNN to discuss ESPN host Jemele Hill’s recent assertion that “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself [with] other white supremacists.”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has said that she thinks Hill’s comments were a “fireable offense” by the standards ESPN has applied to conservative hosts. (RELATED: ESPN Fires Curt Schilling For Conservative Views)

Lamont Hill said the ESPN’s host’s portrayal of the president was accurate.

“She’s not saying he’s racist because I can see racism in his skin. What she’s saying is based on his practices, his policy and who he has hired, the Charlottesville example is an example of many that many of us have seen in regard to Donald Trump. There’s a critique to be made of Donald Trump with regard to racism,” the CNN commentator said.

“Do I think Donald Trump is racist? Absolutely. Do I think he’s a white supremacist? Absolutely.”


Lamont Hill is known for taking outspoken positions on issues of race.

In January, he called Steve Harvey and other black people who have met with Trump a “bunch of mediocre negroes.” (RELATED: CNN Commentator: ‘Bunch Of Mediocre Negroes’ Meeting With Donald Trump [VIDEO])