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Does Anybody Really Think Anthony Bourdain Is Plotting To Kill The President?

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So this happened…

“If Trump and Kim Jong-un were gonna have a bit of a summit to try and mend relations, and they wanted you to cater, what would you serve?”


And now, I guess some people are upset. Because it’s 2017, and that’s what we do now. We get upset.

Does anybody really think Anthony Bourdain is plotting to kill the President of the United States? It’s a stupid offhand quip he threw out to some TMZ creep in an airport. It’s not a particularly witty joke, but it’s a joke.

Not to mention that I doubt Trump would ever eat anything Bourdain prepared for him. I know I wouldn’t.


I’m trying to imagine what would’ve happened if a famous person had said this about President Obama between 2009-2016. Like, if Jon Voight or James Woods or one of the few other open conservatives in the entertainment industry had joked about poisoning him. It would be a weeklong firestorm of controversy. It would be further proof that Republicans are evil. Maddow would have a damn stroke.

Hell, a rodeo clown in Missouri made national headlines just for putting on an Obama mask. Can you imagine if a famous guy joked about killing him?

Their insane overreaction would’ve been wrong, and it’s wrong to insanely overreact to this obnoxious douchebag. Leave Bourdain alone. Jokes are jokes, and America is America.