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That Clown Protest Of The Movie ‘It’ Is A Hoax

REUTERS/Eliana Aponte

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Clowns have never scared me. All they do is disappoint me. And now they’ve done it again. If you can’t trust a clown, who can you trust?

You might have seen the guy protesting the movie It because it’s hurting his reputation as a professional clown. You might have thought his protest was too ridiculous to be real. If so, you’ve got good instincts. Michelle Kim, NBC New York:

A man claiming to be a professional clown who planned to rally outside a New York City movie theater, complaining his business suffered because of marketing around the horror clown movie “It,” admitted Thursday the protest was a sham — a publicity stunt designed to promote the very movie he said cost him cash.

John Nelson conceded on WOR-710’s that he had been hired, though he wouldn’t say who had paid him…

“You’ve exposed me,” he said. “Look, this is gonna get me in a little bit of trouble. We were hired to do this for promotional purposes.”

The first rule of Clown Club is…

It’s kind of a paradox, isn’t it? This guy isn’t really a professional clown, yet he’s getting paid to make a fool of himself.

Well, I don’t blame him for losing his nerve under pressure. Imitating a clown isn’t easy. Those are some big shoes to fill.

Now we just need to do something about these phony clowns in Washington, amirite? [high-fives and knowing chuckles all around]