Trump Adviser Accuses Hillary Of Starting Obama Birther Rumors [VIDEO]


Justin Caruso Contributor
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Donald Trump adviser Bruce LeVell responded to a CNN commentator accusing President Trump of racism over “birther” rumors by arguing that Hillary Clinton started those rumors.

Keith Boykin, a liberal CNN commentator and former Bill Clinton aide, said on CNN, “[Trump’s] behavior and the pattern of behavior that goes back before he took office, when he was sued by the federal government, when he was leading the charge against the central park five, when he was attacking Barack Obama for five years, the racist attack on his birth certificate,”

LeVell interrupted to interject, “the one Hillary started?”

Boykin finished, accusing Trump of a “history of racial indifference or at least racial indifference but racism on the part of the President of the United States.”

CNN host Kate Bolduan then tried to move the conversation away from such old accusations.

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