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Andrew Sullivan Confesses He’s A Daily Stoner


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Conservative writer Andrew Sullivan is out with a bold new essay about his daily weed use that appears to vomit up every issue he’s ever had in his life. So if you don’t want to know more about Sullivan than you already know, do not read his piece — but obviously keep right on going with this one. In his well-written barf bag of an essay, he confesses that smoking reefer everyday has helped him kick debilitating personal issues such and mania, insomnia and nausea as the result of his HIV meds.

Sullivan questions his own dependency on weed but doesn’t seem terribly worried about it. For example, he’s willing to sacrifice the state of his lungs to get solid shuteye. Which actually seems like a fair call. Who doesn’t want to sleep?

“Do I smoke too much pot?” he asks in a story for New York mag after scouring the results of a new survey on drug use and health.

Experts say lots of pot users admit to emotional troubles, problems with family and friends and an inability to stop smoking. “Am I in denial about these worries when it comes to myself?” he writes. “A little perhaps.”

One striking part of his story — “Yes, I’m Dependent On Weed” — is when he candidly discusses the first time he got high.

“A beautiful blue-eyed, hairy-chested dude I was completely bowled over by turned out to be a hard-core stoner,” he writes. “The night we met, he invited me to smoke with him. I pretended I was totally cool with that, pulled a Clinton by not really inhaling, and thought I’d get away with it. I was, however, busted. …I have a vague memory of what happened next — some incredible nonlinear sex was definitely part of it — and woke up in the morning after an amazing night’s sleep with a ravenous appetite.”

At which point he got the munchies and consumed a plate of ambrosia: scrambled eggs.

Some surprising details about Sullivan:

He has chronic asthma.

He didn’t begin smoking weed until he was 36.

At one point he took over 30 pills a day to deal with his HIV (it was a “massive overdosing.”)

Eating bores him (minus the scrambled egg experience).

Smoking weed cured his insomnia.

He says he never writes when stoned.

His memory is worse.

His lungs are worse.

He’s lost a bunch of friends.

He went to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and ex-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was his classmate.

On Hillary Clinton‘s campaign manager Robby Mook: His “staggering incompetence” gave the world President Trump.

On former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: His “soul fell out on the way to the Oval Office.”

On The Daily Wire‘s Ben Shapiro: “He’s a bit of a prick to begin with.”

Read Sullivan’s whole essay here.