CNN Host Chris Cuomo Continues To Defend Antifa


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN host Chris Cuomo has continued to defend antifa despite evidence–and the group’s own admission–that they achieve their goals using violence.

Cuomo has been adamant that antifa violence isn’t as bad as white supremacist violence because antifa’s stated goal is to counter fascism.

Cuomo wrote on Twitter on Friday, “It’s not the criticism it’s the comparison. Violence is wrong but motivation matters.”

This isn’t the first time Cuomo has defended the group. Shortly after antifa clashed with white supremacists in Charlottesville, he compared them to WWII soldiers storming the beaches in Normandy.

While antifa calls themselves “anti-fascist,” in practice they also attack mainstream conservatives and Trump supporters. Antifa has been responsible for violence at college campuses in Berkeley, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. (VIDEO: CNN, MSNBC Ignore Violent Antifa Protesters) 

Here is a roundup of some more of Cuomo’s tweets defending antifa:

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