EXCLUSIVE: Ben Shapiro Talks Berkeley, Campus Culture, And Political Correctness

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Conservative author and commentator Ben Shapiro discussed campus culture and political correctness in an exclusive interview with Rob Shimshock on “The Shimshock Show” following his Thursday speech at the University of California, Berkeley.


“You need law and order in order to protect the First Amendment,” said Shapiro. “Berkeley, for a year, had ignored that. Now, they seem to be returning to their senses.”

The Daily Wire editor-in-chief expressed approval with UC Berkeley decision to allow the police to arrest protesters engaging in illegal behavior at his speech.

“I do think there is something cancerous happening with regard to free speech on campus,” said Shapiro, discussing resistance to the concept at colleges. “When you think speech is violence, then presumably when I say something that offends you, I’ve done some act of violence towards you and you get to respond in kind.”

The conservative commentator characterized far-left and far-right movements as reactions to one another and theorized that Americans opposed Antifa less than neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and the alt-right because the media do not cover them as frequently.

Shapiro ranked institutions with regard to how steeped each one is in ideology. He asserted that academia was the most influenced by politics, followed by Hollywood, and then the media.

“The university is the worst because you actually have professors actively promulgating a nasty politics that suggests that anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi,” said the author. “Hollywood is bad because you have a bunch of ignoramuses who don’t know anything about politics and so reflect the dumb bumper sticker of what they see at the universities. And then the media is bad because they don’t even recognize their own bias while they’re doing all of these things.”

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