MSNBC Panel LAUGHS At Pictures Of ‘Working Class White Voters’ [VIDEO]

MSNBC screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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An MSNBC panel on “AM Joy” Sunday broke into laughter while talking about photos of “working class white voters,” who were not being sufficiently asked about Trump’s racism.


Eric Boehlert of liberal site ShareBlue said that the media doesn’t ask about Donald Trump’s racism enough.

Boehlert state, “Not only doesn’t the press want to call voters out, they want to, you know, hold them up as kind of virtuous. How many New York Times stories have we read about the white rust belt voters. They’ve written 15 profiles since January.”

“Never once do they ask ‘Isn’t Trump racist? Why did you vote for a racist?'”

He went on to characterize press coverage of Trump supporters as “softball,” adding, “not only are they not asking questions, they’re whitewashing this stuff in a dangerous way.”

At this, host Joy Reid said, “Getty images is probably sold out of ‘working class white voter stares longingly out window.’ That photo is sold out,” as the panel cracked up with laughter.

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