Bengals Players Reportedly Want Team To Sign Colin Kaepernick

David Hookstead | Reporter

There is a movement inside the Cincinnati Bengals organization to sign quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The Bengals’ offense has been atrocious so far in 2017 — posting a whopping ZERO touchdowns through the first two games — and something has to be done. According to Pro Football Talk founder Mike Florio, players are beginning to think national anthem hating quarterback could be the answer to their problems.

He reported in part:

The team insists that quarterback Andy Dalton is safe. But the feeling within the locker room, we’re told, is that the leash isn’t quite so long, and that if the struggles continue under new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, the next one to go could be Dalton.

This means that A.J. McCarron would take over, if Dalton is indeed benched. But there’s a feeling among some of the players that the Bengals should go off the board and consider bringing in Colin Kaepernick.

Florio also makes it clear that at this time the management isn’t indicating it intends to sign Kaepernick.

I just don’t see the Bengals leadership benching Andy Dalton in favor of Kaepernick. Dalton has not had a good season, but hammering the panic button after two games might be a bit much. Add in the fact Kaepernick praises murderous dictators, disrespects the police and doesn’t stand for the national anthem, and I find it very hard to believe it’d be a smart move to bring him in.

Cincinnati is probably better off riding out Dalton for the rest of the season or switching to McCarron. Kaepernick is not the answer to their problems.

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