‘Black Bloc’ Rioters In St. Louis Call To ‘Target The Media’ [VIDEO]

Liam Clancy Reporter
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‘Black Bloc’ rioters in St. Louis, Missouri called for protestors to “target the media” in a video released Sunday.

In recorded video, rioters dressed in masks and all black attack police and destroy property.


One man then yells “‘Target the media! They’re going to incriminate everybody.”

The rioter continues, “This guy right here, get his camera!” referring to the man filming the video.

Protests started Friday and continued into the weekend when Jason Stockley, a white police officer, was found not guilty of murder for shooting Anthony Lamar Smith, a black male. Police arrested more than 80 people Sunday night after a peaceful protest turned violent. (RELATED: BLM Protesters Attack St. Louis Mayor’s House, Hurl Bricks At Police)

Far-left protesters attack the media often as a tactic to prevent journalists from taking video footage of their crimes. (RELATED: It’s Not Trump Supporters Who Are Beating Journalists)