Hillary Clinton Still Coughing At Book Event [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Hillary Clinton’s infamous cough returned during a Monday CSPAN event for Clinton’s newly released book “What Happened.”

Clinton’s doctor revealed back on the campaign trail that the failed presidential candidate had pneumonia, attempting to explain away the hacking that seemed to follow her to every event.

Perhaps the worst fit was at an Ohio event where she struggled with a nearly 2-minute-long coughing fit that she blamed on being allergic to Trump. (VIDEO: Hillary Has A Nearly 2 Minute Long Coughing Fit) 

Her cough continued after the campaign, however, causing her to choke up during her commencement speech at Wellesley College. Clinton brushed off her croaky throat and need for a lozenge by saying she was both emotional and battling allergies. (VIDEO: Hillary Gets Choked Up At Wellesley Commencement — Blames Allergies) 

The cough is still lingering as she continues her book tour, although it does seem to have settled down quite a bit since her campaign days, suggesting the yoga and walks through the woods are beneficial to her health.

During one of her answers at the CSPAN event, Clinton starts to get choked up but is able to clear away the throat tickles with just a couple of short coughs. The coughs continued at other points throughout the event, but none of them were as intense as the fits she faced on the campaign trail.


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