Joy Behar: Trump Surrogates ‘All Owe The American People An Apology’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Things got heated on “The View” Monday during a discussion about whether former White House press secretary Sean Spicer should have been part of the 69th Primetime Emmys Sunday night.

“I sent an email to April Ryan. Remember April Ryan? She’s a journalist, and [Spicer] took her on in April — I mean in March,” Joy Behar explained.

“He said, ‘I’m sorry, please stop shaking your head.’ Do you remember this?” she added. “I wrote to her and said ‘April, do you think the Emmy audience normalized Spicer? … She said, ‘Did they really enjoy it? I thought they were in shock. He minimalizes his lies’ — meaning Trump’s lies. ‘People are angry over it. Twitter was on fire. Sean can laugh at himself if he wants. It seems others are not. He owes people an apology.'” (RELATED: Stephen Colbert Attacks Trump, Sean Spicer Mocks Himself During Emmys)

“I think that that part’s true,” Behar continued. “I do. I think the fact is — he’s a liar. [President Donald] Trump lies, and then he and Sarah Huckabee [Sanders] and the rest of them who have to go out there swear to the lies. And I think that they all owe the American people an apology.”

“I think Hollywood and the media need to lighten up,” Jedediah Bila responded, on the same day she announced that it was her last day on the show. “This guy had a sense of humor. It’s ridiculous. Have a moment. Then you watch the whole show, and it’s all anti-Trump. I say it all the time. This is why Trump won. When you make it Trump versus Hollywood and the media, Trump wins. When you marginalize Trump the way they do here on these award shows, you marginalize his voters. That is a big segment of the country that felt ignored.”

During the Emmys, Spicer wheeled out on a podium and mocked himself from the press conference he gave about the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd size.