Rep. Franks: North Korea Is Hoping For An Iran-Type Deal [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Rep. Trent Franks argued Monday that North Korea doesn’t want to attack the United States, but is positioning themselves to be the recipient of a nuclear deal.

Franks said on CNN that North Korea was inspired by former President Barack Obama’s deal with Iran, wherein Iran got sanctions relief even with minimal intrusions into their nuclear programs.

“The reality is that North Korea has been paying attention,” Franks said, citing deals the rogue regime made with former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. “And then they watched the Iran nuclear deal and, in that case, there was incredible compensation.”

Franks opined that North Korea doesn’t actually want to attack the United States, but wants to put pressure on Trump to try and strike a deal with them so that they will end their threats.

“So North Korea is hoping to somehow bluff their way into greater compensation,” he explained. “I think that, right now, they don’t want to fight the United States.”


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