Jerry Jones Is Going Way Out Of His Way To Defend A Guy Who Allegedly Beats Women

(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

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The Dallas Cowboys played the Denver Broncos on Sunday night and it was one of the worst performances we have seen from the team in a long time.

Ezekiel Elliot had a lot to do with their poor performance, and Jerry Jones has come to the running back’s defense. It almost comes as a surprise Jones is defending Elliot after everything he has been going through from accusations of domestic violence.

Jones said, “I think if you look at everybody’s reaction to that interception, certainly on that interception, if you really look at several Dallas Cowboys players on that interception you saw what would not be the case in a closely contested ball game.”

Jones was happy with quarterback Dak Prescott’s performance and said that he tried to prevent that interception at all costs.

The Dallas Cowboy’s owner said, “I think you can point to Zeke, but you really have to look at the general effort to chase that ball down by most of the people that were on the field. Dak now, of course, gave it everything he had to try to contain that interception, but still you look at it across the board and you’ll see that you need more effort than what you see.”

Jerry Jones knows what his team is capable of and he wants them to show everyone that they can perform even better than they did last year.