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NYT’s Thrush Walks Back Killing His Twitter Feed

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The week started off with a bang.

On Monday, liberal leaning NYT reporter Glenn Thrush announced that he was deleting his 350K Twitter feed at midnight.

All day long, followers reacted in varying degrees of melodrama, shock and horror. No, Glenn! Don’t go!  Or, thank God, leave now!

But he was adamant. He called Twitter a “distraction.”

As the day wore on and the midnight deadline was fast approaching, Thrush risked turning into a pumpkin. So he had one more announcement to make:

He was officially reversing his dramatic decision.

When DenverChannel‘s Blair Miller called him “Fake News” Thrush pushed back, ironically maybe showing why he feels the need to dump the Twittersphere.

“So Glenn’s deleting his account was just more #fakenews,” wrote Blair (who is a dude).

Thrush’s final tweet — for now — is this. We’ll see if he can go cold turkey or whether this was just a vicious hoax on Journo Twitter.