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Another Lawsuit Over Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Hoax Will Proceed To Trial

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I think rape is such a horrible crime that it’s very important to make sure a specific accusation is true before punishing people for it. Whereas our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left think rape is such a horrible crime that any accusation serves as its own proof. We must #BelieveWomen, no matter what. Expressing any doubts or pointing out any inconsistencies in an accuser’s story will get you branded a “rape denier.” Well, if you want to know where that attitude leads, just look at what’s happening to Rolling Stone.

Reason magazine’s Robby Soave, who was one of the first to question the UVA gang-rape hoax that landed Jann Wenner in hot water, reports:

Two former members of the University of Virginia’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity have a strong enough defamation argument against Rolling Stone that the case should proceed to trial, an appeals court ruled Tuesday…

RS has already paid out millions of dollars to former UVA dean Nicole Eramo for badly misrepresenting her, and also to Phi Psi for staging the fraternity as the scene of a crime that never happened. But three Phi Psi brothers—George Elias, Ross Fowler, and Stephen Hadford—also filed suit as individuals, arguing that the story specifically and individually defamed them…

That dismissal was unsound, according to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

I hope my Phi Psi brothers win this case. The money will be nice, but the justice will be nicer. They were falsely accused of a brutal crime by a troubled woman who has suffered no consequences for her dishonesty, and the magazine that spread the lie needs to answer for it.

And all the feminists and SJWs who piled on these guys should search their souls, if applicable.

Wenner just put the magazine up for sale, and this can’t possibly help. It’s a damaged antique.