Dem. Senator Complains About Working When The Senate Isn’t In Session [VIDEO]

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse isn’t thrilled that he has to work even when the Senate is out of session.

During a nomination hearing for a United States Circuit Judge, Sen. Whitehouse took a moment to complain that the Senate had to hold the nomination hearing while it was not in session.

“Let me join my colleagues in expressing our disappointment, I guess, that this hearing is going forward at a time when the Senate is not in session,” he whined. “I believe it’s the first time ever that a hearing has been brought forward under these circumstances with a lot of Senators not even in town because it is not in session.”

“Because this was not agreed to by the somewhat novel discourtesy in this committee and I hope we can not make it too much of a pattern,” he asserted as Allison H. Eid, the judicial nominee, sat and waited for him to finish.


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