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Good News, GOP: John Kerry Isn’t Ruling Out Running For President Again

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Other than Hillary Clinton running again in 2020, I can’t think of better news for Republicans than the following.

Peter Kasperowicz, Washington Examiner:

Former senator and Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday he has no plans to run for president in 2020, but didn’t rule out the idea.

“I don’t have any plans right now, honestly,” Kerry said on MSNBC when asked if he might make another run…

“Right now.” Which isn’t a no! I really hope he does run. Last time was hilarious…

Although even if Kerry flatly denied he’s running for president, it wouldn’t necessarily mean anything. Later he’d just claim he voted for throwing his hat into the ring after he voted against it.

Kerry also criticized President Trump for giving Kim Jong-un the nickname “Rocket Man”:

“If name calling was going to solve this problem, Donald Trump would have already solved the problem,” he said.

Note that John Kerry was Secretary of State for four years and didn’t solve this problem. Neither did Hillary before that. I don’t know if getting Trumpian with North Korea is the right way to go, but their way didn’t work. They can whine all they want, but that’s all it is. Whining.

We’ll know for sure Kerry’s running again if he shows up with another new face. Whatever he pays his plastic surgeon, it’s way too much.