Pro-Clinton Media Watchdog Group Tries To Link Drudge Report To Russia

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Media Matters, the Democratic media watchdog group, is claiming that the Drudge Report, the conservative news aggregator, is a “pipeline for Russian propaganda.”

Since 2012, The Drudge Report, operated by Matt Drudge, has linked to alleged “Russian propaganda websites” nearly 400 times, Media Matters claims.

The group, founded by former conservative journalist-turned-Clinton-lapdog David Brock, wrote a computer program to trawl links that Drudge has posted over the years to websites like, Sputnik, and TASS, all of which are believed to be controlled by the Russian government.

Posting those articles to The Drudge Report is evidence enough for Media Matters that the conservative site is “used his site as a web traffic pipeline for Russian propaganda sites.”

According to Media Matters’ analysis, Drudge posted 79 links to those three websites in 2015 and 122 last year. So far this year, Drudge has linked only 45 times to that trio of websites.

Despite the Media Matters’ bombastic claims, its study lacks context about how The Drudge Report operates.

On Wednesday, the website had 60 articles linked to its site. Drudge typically removes and adds links throughout the day, linking to hundreds of websites on any given day.

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