Susan Rice: Trump Acting Like ‘Spoiled Child’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Former national security advisor Susan Rice didn’t mince words Wednesday when criticizing President Donald Trump’s speech at the United Nations.

Rice, who served under former President Barack Obama, was especially unhappy with Trump’s insistence that the Iran Deal is a “one-sided deal” and “an embarrassment” to the United States.

“We could begin a process of dialogue on what comes next after the deal,” Rice said. “But we can’t do that when hurling threats, when threatening to walk out, when acting like a spoiled child at the dinner table.”

“So opening that relationship, having that dialogue, working with those on our side who want to negotiate the Iran Deal to think about what may come afterwards is very useful,” she continued. “But we can only do that effectively in the context of upholding our obligations to stay in the deal as long as Iran is complying — which it is.”


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