‘View’ Hosts: Trump Calls Kim Jong-Un ‘Rocket Man’ As A ‘Phallic Reference’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter

“The View” hosts were convinced Wednesday that President Donald Trump’s nickname for Kim Jong-Un is a “phallic reference.”

The cringeworthy comments came during a panel discussion about Trump calling the North Korean leader “rocket man” during his speech Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly. In that speech, the president said in order to protect ourselves if forced, we would “have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.” (RELATED: ‘The View’ Slams ‘Unstable’ Trump For Threat To ‘Totally Destroy North Korea’)

“I stick by my theory that ‘rocket man’ might be a smart move,” Sarah Haines shared. “If you think of Putin and you think of Kim Jong-Un and you think of Donald Trump they love these phallic references to masculine dominance.”

“Is rocket man masculine,” Sunny Hostin asked. To which Joy Behar responded “Well, rocket..Hello.”

“You didn’t see my hand go up like this,” Whoopi Goldberg interjected as she shot her hand straight up into the air. “You don’t know what I was talking about?”

“All the men in the room know what I mean when you refer to someone as ‘rocket man,'” Haines explained. “I’m not convinced there’s not a psychology here of it takes one to know one.”

“I know, but who needs it,” Behar replied. “This is why you need women running the world. Who needs these rockets. You need a nice little cocoon.”

“It’s just one of those things. As we said we know that folks are really thrilled,” Goldberg said. “I guess I prefer diplomacy.”

“Here’s the bottom line. Everybody wants something,” Behar explained. He [Trump’s] the great deal maker. He’s going to make a great deal. Threatening your opponent is not making a deal. Sit down and make a deal.”