Texas Town Proud To Offer To Take Rejected Confederate Monuments

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Woodlands, Texas is stepping up to the historic plate and making room for any cast-off Confederate statues or monuments. Political correctness aside, Township Board Chairman, Gordy Bunch, announced Tuesday that Woodlands would be happy to take what some communities across the U.S. are relinquishing. According to the Houston Chronicle, Bunch says Woodlands is a new town, located just outside of Houston, and it can use all the history and heritage available.

“What’s happening across the state and across the country is ridiculous regarding eliminating history,” Bunch said before a throng of 60 people associatedwith the Texas Patriot, a political action committee. His words were greeted with thundering applause from the enthusiastic crowd.

“We don’t have a lot of history here in the Woodlands because we’re only 42, 43 years old. For all these folks in Dallas, in Austin and San Antonio and other places looking to relocate their history, might I suggest they can take those assets over here.”

A Republican state senator concurs with Bunch’s idea. “Great suggestion,” Sen. Brandon Creighton told the group, according to the Chronicle. Creighton condemned the recent move by Dallas to take down a statue of Confederate icon Gen. Robert E. Lee and noted that it was also a mistake to move a statue of a Confederate solider from a San Antonio park.

“We’re not leaving it up to parents and educators and grandparents and those visiting the Capitol grounds to teach right and wrong based on history, when we’re taking these monuments down and melting them down,” he said.

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