Ben Shapiro: Campus ‘Microaggression Mentality’ Invades Colleges [VIDEO]

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Ben Shapiro slammed the “microaggression mentality” invading college campuses, the conservative commentator said in an exclusive interview on “The Shimshock Show.”

The microaggression mentality is “this idea that if I speak, it’s like an act of physical aggression to you; it’s violence,” Shapiro said Sunday on “The Shimshock Show” with Rob Shimshock.


“When you think speech is violence, then presumably if I say something that offends you, I’ve done some act of violence toward you and you get to react in kind. It’s a justification for groups like Antifa,” Shapiro said.

Berkeley stood up to political violence by letting the police arrest protesters who broke the law, Shapiro noted. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Ben Shapiro Talks Berkeley, Campus Culture, And Political Correctness)

“The only way to fight back against it is to recognize that you’re not a victim and if I say something that you find offensive, maybe you ought to analyze whether you’re offended rightly,” said Shapiro. “Maybe we ought to give each other the benefit of the doubt a little bit more instead of seeking to revel in our own victimhood.”

The conservative speaker ended on an optimistic note regarding the college experience of students, particularly non-progressive ones.

“People are hungry for a different opinion,” said Shapiro. “I’ve always said that the people who are most disadvantaged by going to leftist universities are not conservatives, they’re people on the left.”

“As a conservative, I went to UCLA and then Harvard Law,” he continued. “There’s a great opportunity for me to test the value of my own views and the strength of my own views in the face of opposition. If you’re on the left, you never face that opposition…you come out basically as fresh as the day you came in and I think that’s a problem.”

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