Benedict Cumberbatch Wants Refugees Nowhere Near His Kid

(Photo by Leonard Adam/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Actor Benedict Cumberbatch wants England to welcome tons of refugees, but he wants them nowhere near his kid.

The “Dr. Strange” star recently trashed the British government for only bringing in 20,000 refugees over 5 years. The audience was shocked by the foul mouthed meltdown.

I would be too, if I just paid an actor for a performance and he instead commenced it with “F*** the politicians!”

This week, Cumberbatch was asked why he and his wife didn’t invite refugees into their almost $4 million English mansion.

Cumberbatch responded:

People were saying, “You’ve got a home, why don’t you house refugees?” And we did look into it. But we had, then, a very new baby — maybe four or five months old.

Nice. Blame it on the baby. That always works.

He was pressed even further on the matter – why would you advocate for better refugee conditions and not invite them into your own home?

I was trying to raise awareness that we can do more as a society. Because I do feel we are able to do more than just recovering bodies.

I’m a human being and it was a human crisis and I got over-excited and said things in a rather grand manner some nights.

That makes so much more sense now. Benedict wasn’t saying any particular individual should work for the refugees, only that society as a whole should pick up the tab. Classic mixup.

A few things here. If you care about refugees and decide to run your mouth about it, be prepared to eat those words. People pay a lot of money to watch you perform. They’re gonna hold you to a high standard. Unless you’re prepared to go all Angelina Jolie and adopt a few kids from Africa or wherever, maybe don’t give sermons on refugee acceptance programs.

If you do decide to go the rant-route but don’t take any refugees in, be prepared to have a damn good excuse as to why you’re not taking in refugees. Acceptable excuses are, “I’m in a ton of debt,” “I’m going to run for Syrian president myself next month,” and “I’m enlisting in the British Army to fight ISIS and Assad.” Acceptable excuses are NOT, “I have a young kid and I’d rather not have him around smelly, dangerous refugees.”

You’d think somebody who gets paid to play pretend for a living would have been able to sell his excuses to the public a little better.