Daily Beast Nixes Offensive Graph To Avoid Having Worst Story Of The Week


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Creative as it was, The Daily Beast‘s story on Hurricane Maria touching down in San Juan’s La Perla neighborhood was one of those spectacles where you’re just glad you had nothing to do with it.

Surely there are better things to bitch about in the world, but some readers got their panties in a wad over The Daily Beast using racy lyrics to help tell the story.

And then the powers that be did the dumbest thing of all: They initially erased the offending graph but didn’t bother to tell their readers that they did it or why. They have since added a note. They were clearly shamed into it because they took their sweet time on that one.

Let’s begin with the offending graph:





Yes. Wildly offensive. Orgasms and people crying and praying in a hurricane? I can hardly breath I’m so angry. But seriously, there had to be a metaphor here.

Show Me The Cannoli was especially incensed.

“Ughhhhhhh,” he wrote.

TheWrap wrote about all the complaining.

The Daily Beast story has been changed.

The headline, however, remains:

Famed ‘Despacito’ Neighborhood Destroyed by Hurricane Maria as Puerto Rico Struggles in the Dark

The lede graph reads as follows: “Anyone who has watched the video of ‘Despacito’ the most-streamed song of all time, has seen the life, the color, the passion of La Perla, the San Juan neighborhood where it was filmed.”

Here’s the update:

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to incorporate new reporting and information as of 11:00 a.m. EDT on September 22, 2017. In addition, a paragraph that referenced a lyric in “Despacito” was removed earlier after The Daily Beast concluded that it could be construed as insensitive to the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Points for adding the explanatory update.

But not for the tardiness or burying the truth under word of “new reporting.” Whoever quashed the graph could have easily added the note at the time the story was drastically altered.