Kate Upton Might Have Made The Stupidest Advertisement I’ve Ever Seen

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Supermodel Kate Upton released one of the worst advertisements in my lifetime Friday morning.

Upton is pitching a product that makes it harder to trip over your dog at night. I’m not kidding. This is a real product and they somehow got a supermodel to endorse it.


Is somebody holding Kate Upton hostage and forcing her to do this because I refuse to believe anyone of her stature is endorsing a dog collar with a light in it.

Is tripping over your dog even a real problem? I’m 25 years old, have had a dog for every year of my life and have never once tripped over my dog. The scenario she plays out in the add is also unrealistic. You can’t trip over your dog at night in your bedroom because we all know a great dog stands guard at the entrances of the estate or prowls throughout the house making sure everything is on lockdown.

I’ve failed as a dog owner if my dog is simply sleeping in my bedroom. My dog’s role is to rip the throats out of any invading force or, at the very least, buy me time to move into a defensive position with a weapon of my choosing. The dog’s job isn’t to lounge around.

Like I said, worst product and advertisement I’ve ever seen.

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